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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Monday’s meeting was AWESOME! Thank you to everyone who showed up! I’m sorry Nick and Mike couldn’t be there, but they were at the first meeting, which covered roughly the same material.

Glad you all liked the pizza TOO!

Scan the post below, anytime you see your name, make sure you follow through on what it is you need to do!

1. Positions
a. Josh D. does not have the time to be director of events
i. Job to be filled by Nick and or Mike
b. Donna is now our secretary (THANK GOD!)
c. Dena wants a job, but she must be and make a commitment to the meetings first.
2. Events
a. SAT October 29th SO Cal Phil Conference. Members of the SPS NEED to show up to help Tim Black out with anything he may need. That includes handing out flyers and name tags to people. This is a very important event. PLEASE MAKE AN EFFORT TO SHOW UP!!!
i. Jes will look into getting name tag stickers and name tag pens
ii. Phil Department; What about flyers?????
(1) Department $ perhaps?

i. JES Make flyers, or get Flyers from McHenry
ii. JES: Talk to the business department, invite them
iii. Nick and Mike: Post flyers in that special way you do.
iv. Chris Vogel talk to AS, see if we can have money ($175) to help with the meeting
v. John (?)See where Prof McHenry is holding the event, and see what we can do to make sure to get coffee, muffins etc at the meeting
vi. Josh (?) Get a ROUGH headcount for the meeting
c. Fight Club
i. Dinner and Discussion after the presentation @ Chili’s
ii. Be there or be square
d. Paper Presentation / Student panel discussion on
i. Race and Racism
(1) Josh D and John P talk to Velazco and find some good topics
(2) Work with the professor Donna mentioned (my notes are at home and the name slipped my mind) Donna... can you follow up on that?
ii. Perhaps another topic, if this isn’t a viable option
3. SPS Shirts!
a. New designs
i. I (jes) can do ANYTHING you want on ANY style shirt.
b. Lets see if we can get AS to pay for them for the active members (who have been to 3 or more meetings and office holders)
i. This would be about 12 shirts. At 10-15 bucks a pop that about $160 from AS. Since that money is ours, and it is for club promotion, lets see if:
ii. CHRIS is willing to talk to AS about $200 in shirt $$
(1) Remind them we didn’t touch a DIME last semester, perhaps?

THANKS TO ALL for your dedication to the club. I know some of this stuff is a pain in the bottom, but if we all work together, we can really help out the department, and most importantly, build a strong base for the club.


P.S There is lots to be done, and lots that can be done that may not be mentioned. If you see some are the club could be covering and isn’t, and you want to get involved more... take some initiative and GO FOR IT.

It’s hard for me to delegate to everyone fairly. If you want more responsibility, then PLEASE take it!


Blogger mel mel said...

The professor is most like Mutombo n'Sengla (sp??). He's VERY knowledgeable and interesting--at least in my book he is. He kept trying to get something going last year.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Tami said...

Technically I am not an active member(something about actually graduating)Does that mean I am on my own for getting a shirt?

11:38 AM  
Blogger jes said...

yes, of course!

1:52 PM  
Blogger jes said...

OH CRAP. I missread your comment. No, we will get you a shirt. Ha, I thought you asked if we would get you a shirt. OF COURSE we will get you one. : )

3:11 PM  

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