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Monday, June 27, 2005

Movin' On & Graduation & Other Stuff

Hi all,

Well, it's been awhile since I posted, and I just 'rediscovered' the blog (I don't sign onto it often), so I thought I would write a little something or other!

I was one of those who graduated on June 1st! It was great to see Jennifer G., David A., Jes B., Erik H., Channe G., I'm certain that were two other people but of course--it's been so long and I'm so old, I've forgotten who they were! How rude is THAT? :) Tami was there--though under a Liberal Studies major--she "walked proudly" with the rest of us! :) I was, however, saddened to only see two professors at the ceremony, and that's not counting Ron McIntyre as though he is still professing, he's moved on a bit to President of Faculty. I managed to officially meet Prof. Kellenberger - being an evening only student has it's drawbacks - I saw Prof. Kellenberger ONLY at some of the Phil Dept. Colloquia. Had a nice little chat with him, however, at the ceremony. He was over in the "Reception Area." Prof. Portmore was our "fearless leader" to the ceremony - and this past semester was the first (and only) time I managed to have a class under him. Doug will be missed immensely I'm sure--as he moves on to Arizona. At any rate, I thought it was a rather "sorry" turnout from the Phil Department as regards to congratulating it's graduates. But then, it's not any different treatment from the Dept in the 4 years I was at CSUN, so why would it be different on Graduation Day! :(

Aside from this, I am VERY happy to have completed my "undergrad" work--I'm one of the OLD dogs (or am I really a cat?) who HAS learned some new tricks, and I plan to continue with the eduation in January as I move on to California Lutheran University for a Masters in Education-specialization in Career and Guidance Counseling. It took a lot longer than some for me to finish the bachelor's degree--but I am SO GLAD that I have done it.

So what do others plan to do who have graduated--who are on this "blog" and could reply? :) What are folk's plans for the summer? What's up with the Phil "Club" (Society)? What are future plans for that? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

Ya'll take care and let me know if there is something I might could help with in the future. I still live close by the campus and would be willing to open my "home" (apartment) to meetings/gatherings of the Society as needed--or ????

My best,

Melanie Teller