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Thursday, April 14, 2005

4-13-05 Minutes

Dear Me,
Thanks for taking the minutes. It really helps me out.

* * *

What’s up Kids? For all you who missed it, here are the minutes from our “meeting” at Chili’s. As a general note, you missed a nice time. We were in rare form last night, as we all chatted about, PHILOSOPHY. It was very... uhhh. philosophical!

And stuff

First, we had a few new people join us. Dana (not you, other Dana) (Engineering major) Chris (Urban Planning, senior), Eric (sp?) (Phil Junior) and Dena (Phil Junior) joined us for dinner. So thanks to them! I hope to see you all at the next meeting.

We talked a bit about the debate: It’s official...GO US!

Some of us are going to help out Bonnie Paller with the Phil of Science Conference on April 23. Myself included, now that my original plans fell through.

YOU SHOULD ALL SIGN UP TO HELP OUT PROFESSOR PALLER. We will be handing out name tags and escorting professors around and what not.

READING GROUP PLANNED FOR APRIL 30. We will be discussing the problem of Tragedy.
The following Tuesday, we are meeting at Professor Gunther’s house to discuss the problem further with Sandy Shapshay at 8:00.

She will be talking at CSUN May 4th @ 4.00 in the Whittset (sp?) Room SH 451.

The grad workshop has been moved to May 4th. However, that date is BAD, because of Sandy Shapshay’s talk. Perhaps MAY 11th is better. Nick, hold off for a few days booking the room.

I am going to be auditing classes next fall. I am willing to stay on as President, but given the guidelines of the constitution, (of which we are so mindful) I am not allowed. So we have to chat about how willing we are to break the rules of the constitution (again).

Oh, and before I forget, Nick wants his official title to be Minister of Defense for The SPS. Mike wants to be The SPS Director of Agricultural Design. Given their devotion and hard work these past few weeks, I see no problem with this.

So, it shall be said, so it shall be done.


Blogger Nick said...

Wow!! wow!!! Wait a minute... that was "SECRETARY of defense"

7:44 PM  
Blogger jes said...

If you want a demotion, I can try to work it out with te powers that be.

8:51 AM  

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