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Thursday, March 03, 2005

SPS Meeting Recap

Hey All!

For those of you who missed or need to recap last nights meeting:

1. We need to get flyers and information collection sheets out to those people who are going to the talk on March 9th.

2. We need to brainstorm about debate topics. Remember, pick something that is compelling enough for people to want to see, easy enough for people to understand, simple enough to ask questions about etc. We will pick a topic and teams at the next meeting.


3. When the heck is the next meeting. 2 or 3 weeks, perhaps? Lets decide so we can get the information out during the talk March 9th.

4. READING GROUP AT JES’S APARTMENT (AKA, MY PLACE). Tell your friends! Ask me for directions. We will be discussing the paper being presented March 9th. The link to her article is on the SPS web site, (linked on the side of this page)

5. Lets get some solid questions together for Tim for the grad school work shop.

6. Ryan Denham, the editor of the opinion section over at the school paper (The SunDial) is interested in starting a philosophy corner. Trust me, it is really cool to have your opinion in the paper. Guidelines: About 800 words, ground the article in current events. Tell your friends.

Also: See Jes's piece this MONDAY. I will take death threats via. email or hand delivery.

7. We also talked about getting Moorpark and some other junior colleges involved in at least the blog.

That is it, I think.
You all Rock the Casbah. Especially Professor "Title-Track Black".



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