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Thursday, March 17, 2005

SPS Meeting 3/16/05 RECAP

First off, Thanks to EVERYONE who was there. I know Chris missed class to join us, so thanks Chris. And I am happy to welcome Steve to the SPS. Which is not to discount Josh and John and Nick and Tim and Tammy and Joe and Dana and Bernie and Drew. I appreciate all of you guys (and gal) too. : )

Ok, here is what needs to be done, and who is signed up to do it (mostly):


Dana is the MAN of the hour. He is going to book the Sierra Center Room (?) On the second floor of “The Marketplace.” (that glass room we have had some phil presentations in before...) Double check we will have mikes and chairs.

Dana if this costs money still book the room. Then me to get Josh’s number. Josh, see if A.S. will pay. If not, see if the department will pay.

DEADLINE: Friday, March 18th.

Nick is the MAN of the next hour. He is going to seal the deal for the Grad School presentation in the Philosophy Seminar Room. That room is SH224, fyi.
DEADLINE: Monday April 11th

Joe, you didn’t volunteer, but I am appointing you for a very important job. Contact whoever needs to be contacted and find out what it would take to get a both like those crazy La Rouche people get (right outside Sierra Tower, at the north west end of “the quad”). If you still don’t know where it is, have Nick point it out to you. Anyway, your idea about promoting the debate was good. We will get you flyers and a partner or two and you all can pass out flyers for an hour or so.
DEADLINE: Monday March 28. (You can call me if you have questions, Joe. (818.606.3235)


Jes needs to chat with Amanda Porter and see if we can 1.) Advertise the blog in the paper 2.) Promote the debate in the paper with a large add. Also, how much will it be?
DEADLINE: Thursday, March 17th.

Josh needs to get announcements into the paper promoting the debate (aside from any sort of advertisement we may put in the paper)
DEADLINE: Monday, March 28th.

Jes will create the flyer for the debate (unless anyone else wants to either make their own, or help me.
DEADLINE Friday Night, March25th.

Jes,& Tim will run off some flyers. Anyone who has a printer and a ream of paper can also help in this department!!!
DEADLINE: Tuesday March 29th (to give to everyone handing out flyers)

FLYER HAND OUTS for the DEBATE (by department)

Jes: Phil
Bernie Sociology
Josh D. English
Drew History
JohnReligious Studies
General Campus flyer Posting Nick and Mike



Should we go to kinkos and simply enlarge the flyer? Who will pay? Department?

Tim, can you see if the department will pay for that sort of thing? Will the department help us out at all with the debate?
DEADLINE: uhh Soon?
DEADLINE (for the poster): Tuesday, April 5th.

* * *


The Reading group will be on Saturday, April 2nd @ 2:00 pm. We will discuss the arguments surrounding the debate, which for anyone who doesn’t remember (or wasn’t at the meeting) is

“The Argument from Intelligent Design”

The Pro Side: Joe, Drew, John (for the argument for Intelligent Design)
The Con: Jes, Nick, Dana, Steve (against the argument for Intelligent Design)

Make sure you come to the meeting with some sort of argument or information on an article that you think would make the debate more interesting and involving. We will discuss them in depth.

The meeting will be at my apartment: 19143 Victory Blvd #230. Reseda, CA 91335.
Write me and I will give you directions. OR you can see a map here <— link.

Ok, that is it for now.

You all rock-zors my sock-zors!



Blogger jes said...

Ok, prices for advertisment:

Display space 2x2 $50.00/day

Classified space 15 words $23.00 for 4 days.

I think if we are going to do anything, we should do the display space. Should we advertise the blog, the debate, neither or both?

1:18 PM  
Blogger jes said...

Ok: Dana looked into the room. It is going to cost $100.00 and they won't book it for us UNLESS we get the funds. I called Velazco, and he told me to contact A.S (though the department will come through in a pinch). I called Josh to see if he can get in touch with A.S.

2:56 PM  
Blogger jes said...

Ok, Josh is taking over the funding side of things with A.S.

Josh, you rock. Hardcore. Actually, you RAWK out rEno stYLe. Righteous.

4:01 PM  
Blogger Josh D said...


AS is closed on Sat and Sun. Hopefully they will be open this week. I will contact them first thing on Mon morning.

6:02 PM  
Blogger jes said...

Ok josh. No prob... if we aren't getting the date, nobody else is either.

Keep us abreast (giggle giggle snort snort) of what transpires.

2:47 PM  

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