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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Signed, Your Trepidatious Representative

Just wanted to banter a few ideas about with everyone, offer them for your perusal. I've been a features writer for a (arch-conservative) local newspaper for a few months now, and I've been asked to write a column on "the relevance of classical studies like philosophy on 'today's world'." If I had a nickel... Anyway, I'm considering a rather inflammatory approach, and wondered if any of you might have any recommendations- I've never been asked to be a formal representative of my esteemed colleagues, teachers and their Gordian body of thought and history in general, after all. I'm thinking of a "if you studied philosophy, you'd know..." format including the abortion debate not being about life, but either personhood or individual freedom; creationism and evolution being compatible, and neither being logically able to give an account of First Cause; religious problems with the existence of evil; inadequate ethical systems- read relativist- leading to colonialism, as the cause of modern political conflicts; and issues of existential freedom and absurdity in recent films; among others. Anything I have a representative responsibility to mention? :)


Blogger jes said...

I haven't been ignorin you, but I am at a loss. You smart. Me Tarzan. catch my drift? : )

5:17 PM  
Blogger mel mel said...


I would think the ideas you suggested (other than "inflammatory") are good ones. Studying Philosophy, for me, has not been just about the philosophical theories learned, dissected, analyzed to death, etc. Though I thought I was broadminded before starting up with philosophy studies, I've become even MORE open-minded towards the world I live in. I now can encourage others to look at something not JUST from their point of view, but also for them to realize each individual has a "point" from which they're experiencing something and therefore there is more than ONE side to a situation.

The Cave Analogy can be used in so many different ways. I'm currently taking a Business Ethics class from Dennis Brandon and he tells the most wonderful stories! Because he's dealing with 99% business majors (I think there are only two of the 30 students who are phil majors and I'm one of them!) his stories often don't "wreak" of philosophical jargon; but when he reaches the point of the story--the little light bulb goes off over my head and I chuckle, realizing he's just used a new to me metaphor for "The Cave" or some other philosophical process.

So, if you want to run the gist of an article by us here on the Blog (like Jes has done with her Daily Sundial articles), feel free! :) I think it's a great idea! AND--the American Philosophical Association (APA) recently started a new committee--The Committee for Promoting Philosophy to the Public (or something along that line).

Thanks for posting!


Mel Mel
(Melanie Teller)

1:19 PM  

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