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Monday, March 21, 2005

No Longer Using Phil Society List?

Hi all,

Well, I'm still trying to add a picture to my name, but so far no go. So I'm editing this 'mistake' and putting a message here.

I wanted to inquire as to whether the SPS has chosen not to utilize the Phil Society List that was built up over the past four years? I'm finding people write to me asking what's going on with events, etc. as I myself have not been sending any emails out either.

Just curious. This is the csunsps-g list that was made up some time ago and has around 60 people on it I believe it is at last count. If it's not being used, I'd question why not--as many people who might otherwise be interested in the Society are not getting information (and they don't check the website often either--which still isn't being updated on a timely manner--mostly due, I'm sure, to CSUN's computer server issues--which is ANOTHER reason that the website should/could be linked to an outside source so that it CAN be updated regularly.

Thanks all!

See whomever at the APA meeting!

Mel Mel


Blogger jes said...

If you tell me how to send mail to it, I will do it.

4:40 PM  
Blogger mel mel said...

Hi Jes,

Yesterday (Monday, March 28th) I sent a "test" email out to the csunsps-g list. I had some private replies to that test email that folks were still interested/listening, etc. Today I sent a "who" to the list to find out how many names are on the list--it came back with 119 names. Some of those are probably duplicates (I know I'm listed a few times but I wanted to cover all bases!), and your email is also on the list.

So to send email to that address, I believe it is

Also, there was a Yahoo email address set up one point. I'm having a little difficulty understanding why the wheel is re-invented each time there is an officer change. It seems to be spinning wheels, etc. Not to say that progress isn't being made--as it is as far as the SPS group is concerned. But, well, the communication seems to have dropped some except amongst the select few.

Just a thought--try that list.



8:44 AM  
Blogger mel mel said...

Hi Jes--again! Guess I should just write you rather than "blog" this. But, yes, there is still an active Yahoo email address for the CSUN SPS group. The address is

Contact me if you want more inf. Tim--are you awake out there?


8:53 AM  
Blogger jes said...

Ok Mel... done and done. I just sent out an announcement to the list.

12:20 PM  

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