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Monday, March 07, 2005


Whatsup guys,

Thinking about the debate and how we're quickly running out of time to make it turn out the way I think we are all imaging/hoping it will be. So, in order to get it started, I was thinking it could be divided into two parts:

1. concerning the "meat" of the debate: topic, speakers, teams, and the dialouge between the two teams
2. focusing on location, P.A. system, advertising, weather (if we want to hold it outside) etc., estimated people in the audience.
Also, in regards to the topics, I was thinking perhaps we could look into what relevant topics are being taught this semester in philosophy and possibly choose a topic that relates to the courses and then use the professors to advertise for us during class (possibly convincing them to give extra credit, yeah i know its a stretch). Anyways, im not going to be doing any public speaking at the debate, so I think the topic ultimately should lie in the hands of those who are. Hope all is well, Nick


Blogger jes said...

Good call Nick. We will work out topics and all the administrative stuff at the next meeting. Spread the news, W. Mar 16 (the last Wed before spring break). Later dude.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Harper said...

Nick, good job buddy. Check out the flyer jes made, the Debate is in ST 503 apparently, and it's less than a week away. What are we debating about??? Some of the issues Jes brought up are good issues, but is the general populus at CSUN going to be interested in them?? I don't think so. We need something they are interested in, like parking, tuition, book prices, is CSUN a prestigious university??? I don't know that last one just came to me. It might be a good i dea it might not, but then again, the time crunch is so severe we might just want to do somethign easy like GOD in the pledge where everyone will be pretty familiar with both sides of the argument. we have 5 days, according to the flyer, so we postpone it another week or so to really get prepared??? Let me know.

1:55 PM  
Blogger jes said...

Uhhh, Joe, the meeting ABOUT the debate is in ST 503. : ) it is there we will discuss what the topic should be. Bring your ideas and your appetite. I am buying pizza for everyone. -jessie

5:34 PM  

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