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Monday, March 28, 2005

APA Meeting Recap--what did YOU leave in San Francisco? Hopefully not your heart?!

Hi all,

I managed to be a part of the group of students who traveled up north to the APA meeting in San Francisco this past weekend. I just realized that it would have been "nice" if all those involved with the SPS and/or Phil in general at CSUN could have planned a meeting place/time, but oh well huh?

I had a grand time--got to see/hear a lot of folks I admire and/or wanted to meet. But I'm afraid I left my good health in San Francisco! :( Came down with a nasty cold and touch of bronchitis--but it didn't dampen my spirits at least. Saturday was a bomb for me--I returned to my hotel room about 11 am, along with all the books I'd accumulated and then hibernated until we left about 7:30 am Sunday morning.

Andrew was in our crew--along with three other folks that I think would make DANDY SPS members! Perhaps we could send invites to them? :)

So, who learned what? Who saw whom? Whom did you meet? I saw Chris V. sauntering through the lobby on Saturday--I was too sick by then to call out a hello. I practically fell into Jessica, her boyfriend Danny, and Tim when I was coming through those horrible revolving doors at the Westin and some dummy behind me shoved the door in order that he could get in--thus practically throwing me out of the doorway and into Jessica, Danny, and Tim's little group meeting! I didn't any of those folks again during the meeting. I ran into Weimin Sun a few times, caught a glimpse of Doug Portmore, Dave Shoemaker (the traitor), and Takashi a couple of times. Only managed to speak with Weimin.

Leemon McHenry was our professor at the wheel for the drive up and back; and he was great with conversation and filling us in on some philosophical issues and schools and such. It was rather enlightening (though I was kinda "dead" on the drive back).

Perhaps I'll write more if/when I get better. I need to crash tonight but thought I would drop a note and see who else may have attended the meeting.


Mel Mel
Melanie Teller


Blogger jes said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. It was nice to run into you for those 5 seconds, though. You are right, we should have set something up. Next time, for sure! See you soon!

10:32 AM  

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